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Alfa Insurance Receives Toastmasters Corporate Recognition Award

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From left are Toastmasters District 77 Director Agnes Oberkor, Toastmasters International Second Vice President Balraj Arunasalam, Alfa Insurance President Jimmy Parnell, Alfa Econchati Chapter President Tracy Allgrove and District 77 Director of Club Growth Tammy Keeley.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (October 22, 2015) - Alfa Insurance® President Jimmy Parnell accepted the Corporate Recognition Award from Toastmasters International Second Vice President Balraj Arunasalam during a ceremony held at the company’s headquarters in Montgomery today. Presented twice a year, the Corporate Recognition Award recognizes organizations that have displayed significant support for the Toastmasters program. 

Chartered in 1957, Alfa’s Econchati Chapter of Toastmasters has yielded hundreds of graduates in varying roles within the company, from data entry to senior vice presidents. Parnell said he was honored to accept the award on their behalf.

“Toastmasters has a proven record of helping produce effective leaders by strengthening their communication and management skills, and we’re proud to have a rooted history with this outstanding organization for the past 58 years,” Parnell said of the affiliation. “Alfa’s Econchati Chapter equips our employees with confidence, enthusiasm, pride and a great sense of accomplishment, and I’m pleased to accept this award on behalf of everyone who has successfully completed the program.”

Toastmasters International Second Vice President Balraj Arunasalam said Alfa was an outstanding example of what the organization’s mission represented.

“Every Toastmasters’ journey begins with a single speech,” Arunasalam said. “The Econchati Chapter’s membership has remained strong since its charter, and it’s evident through their actions how supportive Mr. Parnell and other leaders are of this program. Alfa is unquestionably deserving of this year’s Corporate Recognition Award.”

Alfa Econchati Chapter President Tracy Allgrove said when she joined Toastmasters, she had no idea how much she would benefit from the program. Reflecting on her time with the Econchati Chapter, it’s a journey she said she is proud to have taken.

“I’ve gained confidence in myself thanks to Toastmasters, both with public speaking and with leadership, and I’m proud to see Alfa being recognized for its dedication to education and leadership,” Allgrove said. “The Corporate Recognition Award is an absolute nod to Mr. Parnell and other company leaders who have consistently encouraged employees to take advantage of growth opportunities.”

To qualify for the award, a participating company has to have had a Toastmasters chapter in existence for more than two years, pay the members’ dues, provide meeting space for the chapter and incorporate the Toastmasters program into the company culture.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development and boasts more than 332,000 members. To learn more, visit

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