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Hurricane Disaster Prep

Hurricanes can leave devastating effects that may last long after the storm passes. To protect your family and minimize property damage, it's important to be prepared before a storm is imminent. Hurricane season runs from June Through November.[1] Below are tips from to prepare for hurricane disaster. Click here to download the guide.


  • Have a plan. Know your community’s designated evacuation routes.
  • Prepare your home and car. Place emergency kits in your home and car. Cover up windows and outside doors with storm shutters or plywood. 
  • Store insurance info safely. Make regular updates to your homeowners or renters insurance policy and home inventory. Store both in a secure place, such as a waterproof safe, a safe deposit box or online. Keep contact information for your insurance agent and insurance company on hand. 


  • Stay informed. Check local radio, TV or online sites for emergency information. A ‘Hurricane Watch’ means weather conditions could produce a hurricane. A ‘Hurricane Warning’ means a hurricane has been spotted or is about to start.
  • Evacuate promptly. Depart hurricane-risk areas early to avoid travel delays. Follow recommended evacuation routes to avoid closed roads.
  • Protect yourself. If you’re indoors, stay inside and away from windows. If possible, stay in a closet or bathtub with a sheet of plywood over you to protect from flying debris. 


  • Be cautious. Do not go outside until local authorities tell you it is safe. Use local alerts, radios and other sources – such as apps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the American Red Cross – for timely information. 
  • Photograph property damage. Call your insurance agent or insurer’s claims hotline as soon as it is safe. Your policy might require that you make the notification within a certain time frame. 
  • Avoid fraud. Home repair fraud is common after a major weather event. Be wary of aggressive contractors or demands for up-front repair payment. If you have concerns, contact your state insurance department.


This content is adapted from the Disaster Prep Guide on hurricanes from 

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