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Policy Type Policy Number(s) Policy Term Description Payment Frequency Current Premium Due
Automobile xxxxxxxxxxx xx/xx/xx-xx/xx/xx Vehicle Year / Make /
Full Pay
Policy Type, Policy Number, Policy Term, and Description
We provide you with the Policy Type, Number(s), Term, Description and Current Premium Due. The Current Premium Due is the amount you owe for coverage provided in the Policy Term. If the word Terminated appears under the column labeled Policy Term, the policy was previously cancelled/terminated and no coverage is currently provided. The amount owed is for coverage provided under the policy prior to the cancellation date. To reapply for insurance coverage, please contact your Alfa Agent or call us at 1-800-964-2532.
Payment Frequency
Your current Payment Frequency is listed here. We offer monthly, quarterly or full pay. There is a $3.00 service charge per invoice if you pay monthly or quarterly. There is no service charge if you select the full pay frequency option or pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Contact your Alfa Service Center to change your payment options.
Account Summary Section
This area shows the total you owe for the Policy Term(s) on this account along with any payments received and any adjustments. Adjustments include any policy premium changes, service charges and/or late fees processed since your previous billing statement. The current account balance is the current amount owed for the Bill Account Number listed on this statement. It may not include amounts due for policies which have a cancellation billing notice pending or amounts due for any changes processed after the Billing Statement Date.
Current Billing Summary Section
Your premium due is found in this area along with any service charges and late fees. To avoid service charges on future invoices, you may contact your Alfa Service Center to have the Minimum Payment Due automatically deducted (EFT) from your bank account or change the frequency of payment to full pay. For a complete explanation of our Convenient Payment Options please see the help under Convenient Payment Options at the bottom of this statement.
Current Billing Summary
Premium Due $$$
*Service Charge(s) +     $
*Late Fee(s) +     $
Minimum Payment Due $$$
*See reverse side for explanation.
INVOICE 1 11/10
Bottom Portion of Statement
Return the bottom portion with your payment. Remember to allow for mail time so your payment is received on or before the due date.

Bill Account Number:
Payment Due Date:
Minimum Payment Due:

Make check payable to Alfa Insurance Companies.

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Convenient Payment Options
If you choose the full pay frequency or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you will not incur a service charge. Full pay is payment for the entire Policy Term. If you make any changes resulting in a premium increase, you will be billed for the full premium amount. EFT allows us to automatically withdraw your payment from your checking or savings account. EFT is fast, easy, and free. Quarterly or monthly installment payments will be assessed a $3.00 service charge per billing statement. If you would like to change your current Payment Frequency, please contact your Alfa Agent.
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