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Blue Secure Silver

Consider a Silver plan if you want lower monthly premiums and you use healthcare services every so often.

This plan is the lowest deductible silver plan. Enjoy the security of fixed copays for physician office visits and hospital stays.

Lower Premium

Lower Deductible

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 Calendar Year Deductible   $2,700 individual; $5,400 family
 Out-of-Pocket Maximum
  $8,150 individual; $16,300 family
 Primary Care Office Visit
  $45 primary physician copay or $75 specialist physician copay
 Specialist Office Visit   $75 copay
 Telephone and  Online Video Consultations   You pay $45 per consultation 
 Outpatient Surgery
  Lower member cost share: $450 copay / Higher member cost share: $850 copay
 Emergency Room
  $450 hospital copay; $75 doctor copay
Pediatric Routine Dental Cleaning and Yearly Eye Exam     Routine Dental Cleaning: you pay $0; Yearly Eye Exam: you pay 20% after you meet the calendar year deductible
 Prescription Drugs   Tier 1: $20 copay / Tier 2: $30 copay / Tier 3: $85 copay / Tier 4: 50% member coinsurance / Tier 5 (preferred specialty): $250 copay / Tier 6   (nonpreferred specialty): 30% member coinsurance / Generic drugs are mandatory when available
 Notes   This plan uses the Source+Rx 1.0 Prescription Drug List and the ValueONE Network, which does not include all major retail chains.
  Check the pharmacy network
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