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Safety Tips At Your Business

Safety first is what we were always taught as children, and what better advice to keep your business and the employees within that business safe? By making sure that you and your employees take every necessary precaution to prevent as many accidents as possible, you should implement a good safety plan.

While not every disaster or loss can be prevented, many can be mitigated by taking a few extra moments to go over the safety aspects associated with your business and the area surrounding it. The following checklist offers suggestions for reducing your risk of loss:

  • Be sure that your alarm system is in working order and tested on a regular basis
  • All exterior windows are secured and kept locked
  • All valuables are kept out of plain sight
  • Be sure that an accurate list is kept of each person who possesses an entry key
  • Make sure that all smoke detectors are properly installed and tested on a regular basis, with batteries being replaced regularly
  • Fire extinguishers should be placed throughout your business for easy access should a fire occur
  • All valuable documents should be kept in a fire-resistant safe place
  • Be sure handrails are present in any area of your business where they might be needed
  • Post warning signs when necessary and take other precautions to warn of particular hazards or where someone can slip and fall

Now that the inside of your business has been thoroughly checked over, an inventory of the outside is also necessary to be sure all precautions have been taken to secure your business from the threat of loss.

  • Be sure all areas of the roof and the gutters are free of debris
  • The insulation in the attic should be adequate and in good condition
  • Be sure that any pipes that are subject to extreme cold are well insulated
  • Be sure that no leaks are present on any ceilings, walls, floors, etc
  • Have your air conditioner and heater serviced regularly by a qualified technician
  • The parking lot and sidewalks are free of potholes, cracks, and any debris
  • Be sure to have sprinkler systems properly maintained

No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to foresee any and every disaster that could occur at your business. By making sure each item on the above checklists has been completed, you are one step ahead in the prevention game. Should a disaster occur, however, you can rely on your friendly Alfa Insurance® agent to handle all your needs from start to finish.