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The Big Impact of Small Businesses

From your local mom-and-pop shop to the beauty salon down the street, small businesses are everywhere. We’re often encouraged to shop local and for good reason – they bring jobs, innovation, creativity and growth to our communities. When a small business thrives, so does our economy.

Small businesses are born out of big ideas, and the spirit of the entrepreneur is one to be celebrated. As the backbone of the American dream, entrepreneurs are often the first one on the job and the last one to leave, yet their work never stays at the office. Always on call and always putting their necks on the line, entrepreneurs know that anything worth having is worth fighting for.

If you’re a small business owner, we tip our hat to you and thank you for helping grow our communities. You aren’t afraid to take risks, and we want to help you manage those risks with our business insurance. Call your local Alfa® agent today!

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