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Renters Insurance

When you think about insurance, you probably think about the big things - home and auto. But, what if you aren’t a homeowner? You still have property to protect. Many people think that as a renter, they are covered by their landlord’s insurance policy. But that's not the case.

If disaster strikes, the material possessions inside your home or apartment wouldn't be covered without renters insurance. Could you afford to replace them all if they were lost?

It would probably cost more to replace all of your belongings than you think. Consider all of your material possessions - clothing, electronics, furniture, jewelry, collectibles and more. The items you have acquired over the years can total thousands of dollars. As a renter, you can protect your valuables with Alfa® renters insurance. Alfa renters insurance even covers personal liability claims.

If your personal items were damaged or stolen, what would you do?

  • Could you repair or replace them?
  • If you have coverage, would your current coverage be adequate to help replace them?
  • Where would you stay if a tragedy, such as a fire, forced you from your home?
  • Would your claim be settled quickly?
If you had a loss, would you be protected?

An Alfa renters policy could be the answer in protecting you and your possessions from loss. Your Alfa Insurance® agent will discuss your insurance needs so you choose the coverage you need. Policies can be tailored with your family's needs in mind.
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