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Renters need insurance too. Affordable policies available today from Alfa®.

Protect Your Possessions with a Renters Policy

Many people neglect to purchase insurance for their personal property because they believe their landlord has it covered. While the landlord may insure the structure, what many renters fail to remember is that their possessions need to be covered under a renter’s policy.

All renters’ policies are different with different premiums based on your coverage limit. But in general, these policies are very affordable and will be invaluable to you should a loss occur. It’s important that once you choose your policy, you should be aware of exactly what is covered and what is not.

Being aware of the value of your possessions is also important so you can have a better idea of the amount of coverage you need. Additionally, knowing the value of your belongings will help when deciding how much money you will have to spend on replacement items should you incur a loss.

Once your renter’s policy is in place, it’s a good idea to review it every year to be sure that the coverage amounts are still adequate for your belongings. Should you find that your policy needs to be updated, contact us for a fast and easy upgrade to your renter’s policy.