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Affordable coverage for your place of worship from Alfa®.

Five Reasons Churches Need Insurance

Every ministry, large and small, needs insurance. It’s hard to imagine your beloved place of worship facing a tragedy, but churches are not immune to damages. Both property and liability insurance for churches and ministries are crucial for protecting your church, its leaders and your congregation. Fortunately, Alfa® is here to help.

It’s important to 
recognize and minimize risks and equip your church with an insurance policy that allows you to focus on what matters most – your ministry. Why do churches need insurance? Below are five reasons.

Infographic of Five Reasons Churches Need Insurance

    Property Protection
    All churches need property insurance. Imagine a terrible storm or fire destroying your buildings. Would your church have the funds to rebuild? Property insurance may also cover more than the church building; it can also cover the grounds and anything inside the building such as equipment, classroom supplies and more. A property policy can also cover other church-owned structures, such as a pastor’s residence or community center.

    Auto Liability & Physical Damages
    Many churches own buses, vans or provide their pastor with a vehicle. These can be covered on an auto policy for your church, providing protection from damages to the vehicle and bodily injuries that may occur in an accident. Non-owned auto coverage may also be added if members of the church are driving their own vehicles for church-related business.

    Volunteers & Childcare
    Churches differ from most small businesses because many rely heavily on volunteers. Implementing background checks on anyone working with children — including Bible class teachers, nursery workers and more — is one way to ensure children’s safety. Make sure you have policies in place to minimize the potential of harm to others and liability risk of your congregation. Sexual misconduct coverage can be added to your church liability insurance for protection for claims made against volunteers or staff.

    Slips and Falls
    Even if your church grounds are well maintained, you can still be liable if someone is injured while on the property or at a church event. This can include someone falling in the parking lot or an injury sustained on a youth group trip.

    There are a few reasons your employees could be a risk to your church, and Alfa offers a variety of special coverages to protect you from these risks.

    - Employee Dishonesty coverage protects your church against an employee’s theft of money or property.
    - Employee Related Practices provides protection for wrongful acts such as harassment, wrongful termination and failure to promote.

Our church insurance products offer a wide variety of coverage options. Contact your local Alfa agent today to discuss the insurance needs of your church, and have an assurance of knowing your place of worship is protected.

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