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Affordable coverage for your place of worship from Alfa®.

Recognizing Liability Risks at Your Church

A church is a public gathering place for those who wish to worship together. Churches are also a place with limitless risks for people to get injured, equipment to malfunction, and countless other scenarios. While not every risk can be prevented, many can be minimized by taking a few minutes to inspect certain areas of the church that you might not have otherwise considered as a liability risk. Use the following checklist to complete a thorough inspection:

  • Make sure that the church premises is well maintained and in compliance with all local codes.
  • Be sure that all wires are contained and cannot come in contact with any liquid.
  • Be sure to properly indicate areas where a spill has occurred, ice has formed, or any other area where there is a potential for a person to slip and fall.
  • Be sure the sidewalk surrounding the church is free from debris and that there are no cracks or breaks in the sidewalk for people to potentially trip over.
  • All stairs around the perimeter and within the church should be equipped with handrails.
  • Any equipment that is used for regular church activities at or away from the church grounds should be well maintained and regularly inspected.
  • When dangerous or potentially difficult jobs present themselves, be sure to hire a trained professional.
  • Check all alarms and smoke detectors monthly to be sure they are working properly, and replace the batteries as needed.

By following these suggestions, you can eliminate a number of risks completely; those risks that cannot be eliminated can be controlled, keeping the possibility of loss to a minimum. Losses are sure to occur; however, you can trust your Alfa® agent to handle any claims you might have.
When an accident or loss occurs, contact your Alfa Insurance® agent as soon as possible so he or she can begin handling your claim. Claims can be submitted online or over the phone.