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Personal Umbrella Coverages

Liability coverages in the Personal Umbrella policy include:

Bodily Injury

Property Damage

Need for protection

If you're involved in a bodily injury or property damage suit, our Personal Umbrella will pay the costs of the investigation, defense and settlement of a covered claim, up to the policy limits, if your other insurance has been exhausted. And if you lose earnings complying with our requests during defense proceedings, we will pay up to $250 a day ($5,000 maximum) for this loss.

Some examples for protection are:

  • You hit a water skier who is down in the water
  • Your teenage daughter runs a stop sign, causing a serious accident
  • A salesperson trips on a crack in your sidewalk
  • A neighbor's child drowns in your swimming pool while you're on vacation
  • Your son at college accidentally injures someone in an innocent fraternity prank

Extended protection

Business pursuits - We can often add extra coverage for business pursuits which are covered in your existing underlying policy. This is important coverage for the teacher, salesperson, or landlord.

Farming - Special coverages may often be added to protect you from suits arising out of your farming operations. And even if you don't farm, coverage can be provided for timberland or vacant property that is currently not in use.

*This is not an insurance policy. It provides only a general description of Alfa Insurance® and/or its product lines and services. An actual policy contains the specific details of the coverages, conditions and exclusions. All coverages are subject to the limits of the policy.

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