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Life Jacket Safety

While not the most fashionable item to wear on the water, life jackets can possibly save your life. Every boat is required to carry as many properly functioning life jackets as the number of passengers it is carrying, including smaller jackets for children.

The Coast Guard made certain amendments to the Small Passenger Vessel regulations regarding wearing life jackets because of capsizing incidents and related deaths. The amendments made the captain of the boat responsible for making his or her passengers put on life jackets in the event of possible hazardous conditions. Some of these conditions include severe weather or any event requiring evacuation, such as a fire, flood, or when transiting hazardous bars or inlets.

Boating safety is very important, so if there is ever a question, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Wearing a life jacket is always the best idea when conditions are potentially hazardous. While passengers might become apprehensive when asked to  wear a life jacket, the captain can assure them it is strictly a precautionary measure.

The best time to wear a life jacket is before it’s needed, before you find yourself in the water.