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Flooding occurs when the amount of rainfall exceeds the ground's ability to absorb water. When rainfall does occur, it can sometimes result in a sudden flood of water filling dry streambeds known as a flash flood.

According to the National Weather Service, an average of 100 people in the United States lose their lives in floods annually. Ninety percent of all natural disasters in the United States involve flooding. Flash floods can occur within a few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall, a dam or levee failure. They can strike at any time in any place with little or no warning. Whereas flash floods are sudden and deadly, slower flood buildups also pose danger – particularly to motorists and spectators.

Homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. The National Flood Insurance Program was created by Congress to provide flood insurance for property owners in flood-prone communities. Ask your Alfa agent about flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Protecting Your Home Against Flood Damage (PDF Format)

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