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Legacy of Love

Every day, we do what it takes to get from Point A to Point B. From making sure there’s enough gas in the car to get us to work, to making sure there’s plenty of groceries in the fridge to make a healthy supper for the kids, we’re constantly planning for something. What so many of us fail to plan for, however, is our loved ones’ financial future. Ask an Alfa agent today how you can leave a legacy of love behind with your family…not an empty chair. Want to get a glimpse of Alfa’s Legacy of Love? Watch this short video highlighting the reasons it’s important to plan ahead.

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Scholarship Winners

The Alfa Foundation has awarded $1,000 scholarships to 100 Alabama college students, representing 46 counties and 24 schools. In the program's second year, over 1,300 applications were received. Please click on the link below for a listing of all recipients by last name. Congratulations to each of these deserving students!

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Alfa Roadside Assistance

Alfa® is pleased to announce our new Roadside Assistance coverage, which replaces the current Emergency Road Service. The new coverage provides 24/7 service for all of your roadside needs. Need a tow? A locksmith? Fuel? Call us, and we’ll dispatch someone to your location. Brand new benefits under Alfa's Roadside Assistance plan include increased coverage limits up to $100, a new sign and drive option eliminating out-of-pocket expenses, and locksmith labor. Day or night, Alfa has you covered.