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Roadside Assistance With 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Services

Roadside Woes Got You Down?

A little bad luck is no match for Alfa’s® Roadside Assistance Program! With this coverage option on your auto policy, you’ll be covered 24 hours a day for towing; mechanical assistance and delivery of gas or oil; battery jumps, and tire changes. The program also features increased coverage limits per disablement, locksmith services; a sign-and-drive feature, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses up to $100 for services rendered; and the benefits of a new technology — Agero Roadside Connect, which will dispatch a notification to the policyholder when a service vehicle is nearby.

Am I Automatically Covered?

Alfa’s Roadside Assistance Program is available to customers in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. If you were on Alfa’s original Emergency Roadside Assistance plan, you were automatically switched over to the program. However, if you’d like to add the Roadside Assistance coverage option to your plan, you may do so upon renewal or at any time during the policy period by contacting a local service center.

I’m Covered. Now, How Do I Get Help?

If emergency roadside services are needed on covered vehicles, Alfa policyholders may call the Customer Resource Center at 800-964-2532, Prompt 2 for Claims, then Prompt 2 for Roadside Assistance.

What Are The Limits?

Should you need assistance, Alfa will:

  • Pay for a towing service.
  • Pay for up to one hour of mechanical assistance, including battery jumps and tire changes.
  • Pay for locksmith services.
  • Pay for the delivery of up to two gallons of gasoline or oil.

Policy limits are $100 per disablement. The cost of a tire, new battery, gasoline, oil and other such items are not covered.

While we can’t prevent  a blowout or dead battery, Alfa’s Roadside Assistance Program can help get you back on the road in no time. Day or night, Alfa’s got you covered.