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How To Set Up Account Authentication

We take account protection to the next level with an additional layer of security which requires you to verify your account beyond your login credentials. This security enhancement will protect you from today’s hackers and give you peace of mind.

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  1. Select method of account authentication

    Before accessing your MyAlfa® account, you’ll be prompted to provide one or more methods of identity verification.

  2. Select method of account authentication

  3. Input your information

    After selecting the method(s), follow the prompts and input your information.

  4. Input your information

  5. Verify your identity

    After setting up your authentication settings, you’ll receive a code via your chosen method (text message, voice call and/or email). You will need to enter the code you receive to verify your identity.

  6. Verify your identity

  7. Access your MyAlfa account

    After proving your identity via account authentication, you will now be able to access your MyAlfa account. If you need to reset your account authentication settings, call the Customer Resource Center at 1-800-964-2532.

Access your MyAlfa account

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